People of all ages with different challenges in their lives come through our gates at Pegasus Equine Therapy, LLC, to find solutions and healing through Equine Assisted Psychotherapy(EAP). We use the EAGALA* model of EAP, which involves a licensed mental health therapist, an equine specialist and a horse or more, in counseling people.

Why horses in affecting change? Horses capture our hearts as they embody many of the qualities we value: freedom, adventure, spirit, beauty, and friendship. For many years, I provided counseling to people in the “traditional” office setting, utilizing “talk therapy.” Then I learned how horses were being brought into therapeutic settings because of their perceptive and sensitive nature. Working as a team with a mental health therapist and equine specialist, horses are able to facilitate insight and understanding and affect positive change in people more readily than the weeks or months of “traditional therapy.”

This is how Pegasus Equine Therapy came into being as I believe strongly in the animal-human connection, of which we have so much to learn, and the “power” of the horse-human connection in helping people grow and realize their potential. I like the quote by an unknown person: “Horses lend us the wings we lack.”

I wish for those who come through our gates positive life changes through their experience in working with “our team” and the beauty of the equine assisted therapy and equine assisted learning.