Karissa Taylor

Kerissa Taylor grew up trail riding, training horses and dreaming of owning a ranch.  Between her love for horses and using her time with them as a method of healing from depression as a late teen, equine therapy became part of her own self-care journey. Kerissa has always been passionate about sharing equine therapy with others. In 2018, she began working with Kay Alexander at Pegasus Equine Therapy and became EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) certified in October 2018.  She serves as the Equine Specialist and Internship Director for Pegasus where she is a valuable member of the EAGALA Team, consisting of a licensed mental health professional, the horse, and the Equine Specialist. Kerissa also recruits, trains and supervises Pegasus Interns.

Kerissa and her husband have been pursuing their dream of building a multi-species ranch in Montrose.  She is a Master Herbalist and combines her love for healing and people with a leadership based private school for her children.   She is currently the Vice President of the Montrose Chapter of Rocky Mountain Farmer’s Union and plays an active role with the Farmer’s Market.